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In 1969, Tom Edwards and the other builders of the M4 motorway unwittingly disturb the remains – and mathematical aspirations – of the Stonehenge chief engineer who’s buried close by. He – the consciousness of the ancient engineer – thinks the coming of the motorway is all part of the Providential fulfilment of his 4000 year old purpose. If it weren’t for those damned, self-promoting Greeks, he says, the revelation of his genius would have materialised millennia earlier.

Tom Edwards is completely unaware of the ancient spirit’s presence; he’s too busy coping with the 20th Century antics of his bizarre colleagues – but strange things happen and he begins to wonder if there’s more to building this motorway than he thought.



Readers say: ‘A truly accomplished novel on all levels, a pleasure to read’ – Hal Duncan, writer and author of the international award winning Vellum.

‘Archaeology while adept at reconstructing the past, does suffer from a problem of motive why did people in the past build this?! Into this gap ‘Defective Gods’ eruditely and amusingly summons up a character from the past who, freed from his barrow-tomb can focus his pithy wit (and amusing dislike of the Greeks) on to the modern construction efforts of latter day monument builders.’ – Simon Underdown, anthropologist and Guardian journalist.