In the year 866, a zealous young soldier is sailing toward the land of the East Angles. He and his comrades in the Great Danish Army believe themselves to be invincible; they are the chosen.  And they are led by three heroes: Ingwar, Halfdan and Ubbe, who tell of the need to protect the East Angles against the cruel Northumbrians and their weird priests.  The young man does not question his right to slay his enemies without mercy. 

Wynflæd is the exceptionally gifted daughter of the Hlaford of Eorðing Hall. She is being tutored in Latin and Greek by a monk from Elmham Minster. The rich  Eorðing Hall lies in a pleasant valley in East Anglia. Wynflæd wants for nothing, but is not content with the future planned for her as an Abbess.

The weak King Edmund of the East Angles, lives under the threat of the Northumbrians, and cannot be too sure of peace with the Mercians. He survives with his Angle neighbours through their common Christian allegiance to the Pope, and through his people’s connection and trade with their distant kinfolk in Denmark.

The map shows how, over the following eleven years, the East Angle/Danish armies conquer the lowlands of the Northumbrians and Mercians.

Readers say:

‘very well written and thought-out. An accomplished piece of work …’

‘This intriguing reimagining of early medieval England is sensitively portrayed through he eyes of three characters, each of who plays their part in the transition from a pagan, or alien culture to the world of the written world. Wait for the powerful ending – it caught me off guard.’

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